Transfer Admission


Transferring from another School

A student who desire to transfer to another school should apply for certificate of Transfer Credential. The student should have been cleared of all financial and property liabilities and has surrendered his/her ID card before said certificate is issued to him/her.


Admission Requirement

  • For Transferees
    • Official Transcript of Records
    • Transfer Certificate (Honorable Dismissal)
    • Admission of Test Scores
    • Accomplished Admission Application Form
    • Birth Certificate (True Copy NSO authenticated)
    • Three Copies 1.5×1.5 ID Picture
    • Receipt of application Form Fee (GSCAT)
    • Certificate of Good Moral Character


Additional Requirement

He/She must pass the qualifying examination in English and Math. Failure in this examination will mean that a student must first take and pass English Plus and Math Plus before he/she will be allowed to take English 1 and Math 1.