Scholarships are coursed through the OSS (Office of Student Services). Scholarships range from half-tuition fee discount to full tuition and miscellaneous fees privilege, and vary in their grade requirements for poor but deserving students, academic achievers, talented student and student leaders.

  1. School financed Scholarship Program
    • Entrance Scholarship for Valedictorians/Salutatorians
    • Academic Scholarship -2.0-1.7/subject GPA
    • Service Grants: GSCSR Officers, Dept. Council Chairpersons, College Publication Editors /ROTC Corps Commander
    • Sports Scholarships (Varsity )
    • Student Assistants/Student Labor
  2. Government and Private Grant/Scholarship Program
    • Buenavista Municipal Scholarship Grant
    • Jordan Municipal Scholarship
    • Special Study Grant Program for Congressional Districts (CHED-SSGP-CD )
    • Kahirup Association of Quebec Scholarship Grant
    • AVE-PASUC-Eulogio “Amang” Magsaysay Scholarship Program
    • CHED Educational Loans (STUFAP )
  3. Financial Assistance program
    •  College Deans, division chiefs and council adviser may screen and recommend students who are able, deserving and promising to work as student assistants to the Director of the OSS.