Dr. Lilian Diana B. Parreño
SUC President III
Vice Chairman, BOT

Dr. Ruby D. Catalan
Vice President for Academic Affairs
Program Head, Master of Arts in Education

Dr. Ann Lyn S. Tumapang
Vice President for Administration and Finance
Budget Officer
Chair, Bids and Awards Committee

Dr. Julieta G. Infante
Vice President for Research Extension, Training and Innovation
Member, Project Monitoring Team

Dr. Simeon J. Cainday III
Dean, College of Science and Technology
Director, Quality Assurance
Data Privacy Officer

Engr. Ruben M. Habaña
Dean, Engineering and Industrial Technology
Program Head, Electrical/ Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Rome B. Moralista
Dean, College of Business Management

Dr. Norie H. Palma
Dean, College of Teacher Education
CPD Officer
Member, BAC

Dr. Kert D. Pillora
Campus Director (Mosqueda)
Dean, College of Criminal Justice Education

Dr. Julius T. Vergara
Campus Director (Baterna)
Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences
Coordinator, DRRM (Baterna Campus)

Dr. Helen R. Vilbar
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Erly M. Martir
Dean, Graduate School
Head Beautification and Landscaping of All Campuses

Instr. Adrian C. Alumbro
Program Head, BS in Food Technology

Instr. Ivony S. Asprilla
Program Head, BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management / BS in Hospitality Management

Instr. Alvin Erick C. Bales
Program Head, Bachelor of Industrial Technology
Coordinator, Research (CEIT)

Dr. Ronilo G. Berondo
Program Head, Doctor of Education in Curriculum and Instruction

Dr. Jocyl C. Caber
Program Head, Bachelor of Secondary Education

Prof. Josephine G. De Asis
Program Head, Bachelor of Elementary Education
Coordinator, Extension (CTE)

Instr. Lovely Joy J. Egael
Program Head, BS Entrepreneurship

Instr. Aziel Lyn Y. Estilo
Program Head, Bachelor of Technology and Livelihood Education

Instr. Jufel D. Fernandez
Program Head, BS Criminology

Instr. Gerald Sheo Thon D. Gamo
Program Head, BS Fisheries

Instr. Michael Victor Gonzales
Program Head, BS in Real Estate Management

Dr. Anelyn A. Janaban
Program Head, DM and BSBA

Dr. Rodney N. Martires
Program Head, BS in Information System

Dr. Kyrl S. Palma
Program Head, BAEL

Dr. Enriqueta N. Siva
Director, Gender and Development
Program Head, MATM
Coordinator, Office of Anti-Sexual Harassment

Dr. Mona Liza H. Sollano
Program Head, M. Ed.
Coordinator, QA – Graduate School

Instr. Divon G. Tamdang
Program Head, BS Information Technology

Instr. Rodante G. Villaflor
Program Head, BPA and MPA

Dir. Rhea Joy D. Flora
Director, Mango and Tropical Fruits Research Center
Program Head, BS Agricultural Sciences
Coordinator, CagS

Dir. Reiner Jun G. Alminaza
Director, Management Information System

Dir. Eric P. Catalan
Director, ITRDC/AREC

Dr. Margie Y. de la Cruz
Director, Community Extension Services

Dr. Erwin D. Dumagpi
Director, Economic Development Center

Dir. Violeta C. Efondo
Director, Safety, Security and Disaster Risk Reduction Management and Mitigation

Dir. Adrian J. Forca
Director, Information and Communications Technology

Dir. Frenz Rian G. Gal
Director, Intellectual Property & Management Office (IPMO)

Dr. Jasmin T. Gadian
Director, Office of the Student Development and Services
Lead IQA

Dr. Joel V. Japitana
Director, International Affairs and External Linkages

Dir. Ethel P. Junco
Director, Research and Development

Dr. Methusela C. Perrocha
Director, Food Innovation Center and Industry Linkages

Dr. Roger B. Rueda
Director, Journal Publications and Instructional Materials

Dir. Maribeth E. Sumalde
Director, Cultural Affairs, Traditional and Contemporary Arts

Dr. Efren S. Tellermo
Director, Planning Office
Head, Project Monitoring Team

Dir. Leopoldo Third R. Tumapang
Director Sports and Wellness

Dr. Lea P. Ymalay
Director, GSC Skills Training Center
Program Head, BS in Computer Science
Coordinator, Research (CST)

Dr. Jonathan G. Gabion
Coordinator, ISO Quality Management System

Mrs. Janet R. Aleman
College Board Secretary V Member, BAC Focal Person, PBB Committee Member, ISO Documentation Committee

Dr. Luna V. Lamera
Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

Mrs. Ma. Rechel A. Pillora
Administrative Officer V

Mrs. Hazel D. Jarangue
Administrative Officer V

Mr. Philippe R. Prologo
Accountant III

Mrs. Regina V. Traifalgar
Head Librarian
Librarian III

Instr. Kristine S. Gonzales
Librarian Mosqueda Campus

Mrs. Rosabelle V. Tembrevilla
Guidance Counselor Main and Baterna Campus

Prof. Katherine L. Niego
Guidance Counselor – Mosqueda Campus

Mrs. Jean G. Baterzal
Nurse II

Instr. Sol M. Basañes
Records Officer

Mr. Ken D. Pillora
Supply Officer

Mrs. Rosalinda N. Cinco
Collecting Officer

Mr. Arnel P. Villa
Chief Security Services

Mr. Johnny S. Yucon
Head, Transportation Services

Instr. Aser M. Job
Coordinator, Extension (CEIT)

Instr. Joebert Diane C. Ramos
Coordinator, Research (CAS)

Instr. Kristian T. De la Rama
Coordinator, Research (CTE)

Instr. Jerry H. Salinas
Coordinator, Lasting Peace and Extension (CCJE)

Instr. Maychelle P. Sorongon
Coordinator, Extension (CBM)

Instr. Loveson C. Gallos
Coordinator, GAD – Mosqueda Campus/Extension (CST)

Instr. Reynro T. Herrera
Coordinator, GAD/NSTP/SAS – Baterna Campus

Instr. Agatha Rica Norilla
Coordinator, GAD – Salvador Campus

Instr. Riza P. Gumaling
Coordinator, Solid Waste Management Program

Instr. Daisy B. Ibieza
Coordinator, Research (CBM)

Instr. Jeffrey G. Magbanua
Coordinator, Alumni Affairs

Instr. Ellyn Ly O. Maramento
Coordinator, Edu – Tourism

Dr. Crisanto G. Occeña
Coordinator, NSTP – Salvador Campus

Instr. Mary Elizabeth B. Parreño
Coordinator, Product Packaging Development Department

Instr. Jean G. Bullo
Coordinator, Supervisor, CCJE Forensic Laboratory

Prof. Josie H Gaitano
Executive Assistant to the College President

Prof. Elizabeth G. Gajo
Project Manager, Garments
Focal Person, DTI SSF Facilities

Prof. Jimmy P. Luzuriaga
Asst. Director, OSDS
Chair, All Students Organizations
Adviser, GSCSR


ChairDr. Ann Lyn S. Tumapang
Vice-ChairMrs. Janet R. Aleman
Regular MembersDr. Ruby D. Catalan
Dr. Jasmin T. Gadian
Dr. Methusela C. Perrocha
Prof. Geraldo B. Cang
Dr. Norie H. Palma
Alternate MembersDr. Enriqueta N. Siva
Technical Working GroupDr. Erly M. Martir
Prof. Eric P. Catalan
Engr. Ruben M. Habaña
Instr. Adrian J. Forca
Dr. Jonathan G. Gabion
BAC SecretariatMr. Randy G. Galve
Prof. Josie H. Gaitano
Mr. Ken D. Pillora