Graduation Requirements


  1. A student shall be recommended fir graduation only after he gas satisfied all academic and other requirements for graduation prescribed in his curriculum.
  2. A graduating student shall accomplish an application for graduation and submit to the Dean for evaluation and subsequently submit the application in bunch to the Registrar for evaluation and assessment within two weeks after enrollment of the student during their last semester at the College.
  3. The college Registrar shall post on the bulletin Board a complete list of candidates for graduation at least two months before the date of graduation. The list of candidates for graduation must be deliberated upon and endorsed by the Academic Council to the Board of Trustees at least a month before the date of graduation.
  4. All candidates for graduation shall have their deficiencies settled and their records cleared two months before the date of graduation.
  5. No student shall be conferred any title or degree if he has no money or property clearance.
  6. No diploma for the completion of the curriculum will be issued to a student unless he has completed the last two curriculum years for a four-year degree course and the last one curriculum year for a two-year non-degree course.


Graduation with Honors


In order to qualify for the Roll of Honor, a student must obtain an average of at least 1.7 (88%) and have no final grade lower than 2.0 (85%) in any subject and must have earned the full load or equivalent including PE.

Students who are candidates for graduation with honors must have completed in the College at least 75% of the total number of academic units required for graduation and must have been in residence therein for at least 3 years prior to graduation.

Credits starting from the first year are included in the computation. For transferees, only credits earned in the College should be included in the computation provided however that they have no grade lower than 2.0 or its equivalent obtained in another school. The average of the final ratings of the second semester of the senior year and the average for the seven other semesters are considered in computing in the general average.

NSTP grade is not included in the computation of general point average, however such grade should not be lower than 2.0 to qualify in the honor list. To be eligible for honors, a student must have:

  • Exemplary character
  • Been regular in attendance
  • No record of any violation of school regulations
  • Never been accused of misdemeanor
  • No grade lower than 2.0 (85%) in any subject, Dropped, INC or withdrawn

Students, who complete their courses with the following range of weighted averages computed to the decimal place, shall be graduated with honors:

                Summa Cum Laude                                             1.0 – 1.24

                Magna Cum Laude                                               1.25 – 1.49

                Cum Laude                                                            1.50 – 1.75

In case of students graduating with honors, the prescribed length of which is less than four (4) years, the English equivalent name “With Honors”, With High Honors & With Highest Honors shall be used instead.

The final selection of honor students is approved by the Committee created by the College.