E-Library Guidelines


Internet/Electronic Resource Policy

  • All bonifide student of Guimaras State College can avail the internet surfing and browsing upon presenting their School ID.
  • Student are given a twelve-hour, free-of-charge internet access per semester.
  • A student should present School ID before he could use the computer.
  • Student shall have used their free internet access for one semester only Students who consumed the allotted time for the current semester are not allowed to use the internet anymore.
  • Internet use is on a “first come, first serve” basis. Reservation can be arranged withing a day only.
  • Using of USB/Flash Drive is strictly prohibited. To copy/transfer files, student may send it right through their e-mail address.
  • Access to sexually explicit materials is strictly prohibited. Any student caught accessing sexually explicit website will be dealt accordingly.
  • Student/s is/are not allowed to alter and/or reprogram the configuration of the computer.
  • The students may also have this chance to request for printing of their files or documents in the computer anytime.
  • Playing of audio equipment is permitted; provided, it does not disturb any user or the library personnel.