College Officials


Dr. Rogelio T. Artajo College President
Dr. Josephine G. Piodena Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dr. Lilian Diana B. Parreño Vice President for Research and Extension
Dr. Luna V. Lamera Vice President for Admin and Finance/CAO
Dr. Jonathan G. Gabion Administrator, Salvador Campus (Main)
Dr. Methusela C. Perrocha Campus Administrator, Mosqueda Campus
Instr. Tommy M. Artajo Executive Assistant to the College President
Mrs. Janet R. Aleman Board Secretary V
Dr. Erly M. Martir Dean, Graduate School
Dr. Erwin D. Dumagpi Dean, College of Business Management
Dr. Norie H. Palma Dean, College of Teacher Education
Prof. Simeon J. Cainday III Dean, College of Science and Technology
Instr. Kert D. Pillora Dean, College of Criminal Justice Education
Prof. Josie H. Gaitano Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Dr. Julius T. Vergara Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences
Prof. Anelyn P. Anas Program Head, BSHRM/HRST
Dr. Joe Russel Arensol Program Head, BSBA
Prof. Jocyl Caber Program Head, BSED
Prof. Josephine De Asis Program Head, BEED
Prof. Fernando J. Libutaque Jr. Program Head, BIT
Dr. Mona Liza H. Sollano Director, Quality Assurance
Dr. Julieta G. Infante Director, GAD
Prof. Joel V. Japitana Director, AREC
Dr. Rogelio M. Borro Director, Extension Services
Prof. Ethel P. Junco Director, Research and Development
Dr. Jasmin T. Gadian Director, Student Development and Services
Dir. John Israel G. Tagudin Director, ICT/Alumni Affairs Coordinator
Dr. Agustin N. Arceña Planning Officer
Mr. Philippe R. Prologo Accountant III
Engr. Ronel P. Dulla Registrar III
Mrs. Ann Lyn S. Tumapang Administrative Officer V/ Budget Officer/Director, EDC
Mr. Ken D. Pillora Administrative Officer V/ Supply Officer
Mrs. Regina V. Traifalgar College Librarian III
Mrs. Ma. Rechel A. Pillora Administrative Officer III/HRMO
Mrs. Hazel D. Jarangue Administrative Officer III/Cashier
Mrs. Katherine L. Niego Guidance Counselor/Records Officer (designated)
Mr. Randy Galve Assistant Records Office
Mr. Arnel P. Villa Acting Chief Security Guard
Mr. Johnny S. Yucon Supervisor, Transportation Services
Instr. Leopoldo Third R. Tumapang Head, Sports
Prof. Maribeth E. Sumalde Head, Cultural
Prof. Crisanto G. Occeña Project Manager, Steel/ Metal Fabrication
Prof. Raquel T. Buelva Project Manager, Garments
Prof. Azucena J. Orquia Project Manager, Dormitory & Guest House
Instr. Juliet J. Gadian Project Manager, Canteen