A student enrolling for the first time whether as a fresh man or as an advanced student must apply for official admission to the respective dean.


Admission Requirements

  • For Entering Freshmen
    • Interview (School Dean)
    • Accomplished Admission Application Form
    • Fourth Year High School Report Card Form 138
    • Birth Certificate NSO authenticated (true copy)
    • Three copies of 1.5 x 1.5 ID picture
    • Receipt of Application Form Fee (GSCAT)
    • Certificate of Good Moral Character For Transferees
    • Official Transcript of Records
    • Transfer Certificate (Honorable Dismissal)
    • Admission Test Scores
    • Accomplished Admission Application Form
    • Birth Certificate NSO( True Copy NSO Authenticated)
    • Three copies of 1.5 x 1.5 ID picture
    • Receipt of Application Form Fee (GSCAT)
    • Certificate of Good Moral Character


Additional Requirement

He/ She must pass the qualifying examination in English Failure in this examination will mean that a student must first take and pass English Plus before he/she will not allowed to take English.


Admission procedures

  • Every Applicant for admission to the College degree programs must meet the requirements for the admission prescribed by the College and Academic Council concerned.
  • Upon presentation of all admission requirements, the applicant is interviewed by the School Dean where the applicant preferred to enroll.
  • Then the applicant is advised to proceed to the cashier to pay the GSCAT Fee and proceed to the OSS for admission.
  • The applicant after having completed the requirements fills up an application form and is scheduled for the entrance examination.
  • After the GSCAT, the applicant must accomplish the following requirements for enrolment: three (3) copies of 1.5 x 1.5 ID picture, photocopy of his/her Live Birth NSO Authenticated, form 138 (HS Card Original), Good Moral Character, Long Brown Envelope and white stamp envelope for entering freshmen and transferees.
  • For applicants who wish to take education courses but did not meet the GSCAT cut-off scores, they are advised to enroll in other courses provided that they also meet the other requirements, or if their General Average is below 85 they will have to take Teacher Aptitude Test (TAT) which they will have to pay the amount of One Hundred pesos (P100.00) and if they pass in the test they can pursue a course in Education.
  • For applicants who seek admission in the second semester, they shall also follow the same policy on admission.
  • Only students who been duly registered shall be admitted to their classes.
  • Transfer students may be admitted to the College provided that the conditions are all complied with.
  • No qualified student shall be denied admission to the College’s academic programs because of age, sex, race, socio-economic status, religious belief, political affiliation, conviction or ideology.



  • No student shall be registered in any subject after 10% of regular class meetings have been held.
  • Registration made after the regular registration period indicated in the College academic calendar should be subject to a fine for late registration.
  • Student registered in any other institution shall but be admitted to the college without a written permit from the Dean of his home institution. The permit shall state the subject title and total number of units for which the student shall register.
  • The total number of unit for which a student may register in two or more curricula must not exceed the maximum load of the curriculum year for which he/she is classified.
  • The Guimaras State College shall not credit any course or subject taken by its student in any other institution unless the taking of suck School Dean and approved by the Vice President For Academic Affairs (VPAA).


Later Registration

               Absence from class due to late registration is counted against the allowed number of absences in class. A penalty fee of P50.00 is charge for late registration.