Candle Lighting: A Hopeful Prayer of Guimarasnon to resume the normal motorbanca trips

GSC MIS Team assisted the documentation of Hugpong Guimarasnon today September 3, 2019

BUENAVISTA WHARF- A call for Guimarasnon was initiated in Facebook Platform by a page “Hugpong Guimarasnon”.

Its purpose is to gather all Guimarasnon in the wharves of Buenavista, Jordan in Guimaras and Parola in Iloilo to offer a prayer and make a peaceful protest to the Government Agencies against the immediate implementation of Motorbanca Modernization hence seeks consideration for gradual manner since the Economic and Tourism Activities were affected due to the Sea Transportation Situation in the Island. Motorbanca operations were suspended after the Iloilo-Guimaras tragedy last August 3, 2019, and now, though its operation was resumed, it has conditions that still make the people of the Island suffer. Highlights of the activity was a request of the organizer to all Guimarasnon to seek God especially this trying times and collectively pray to resume the normal operations of the motorbanca.

Guimarasnon who will travel from Iloilo to Guimaras vise versa are encouraged to wear a black t-shirt as form of peaceful protest.

The Activity ended peacefully with a hope for a better Guimaras Island.